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  1. question101 renewable - Tracking Solar Panel I-V Curve
    Tracking the I-V curve of an existing PV-Panel in a solar installation is paramount in obtaining an accurate diagnostic of what may impede the optimal output and the deviance of the plant's efficiency from the expected values. The focus is on the PV Fill Factor, the I-V Curve dependency of temp ...

  2. question101 renewable - small turbine dumping load calculation
    [Project calculation notes:] Step 1: Determine the number of resistive dump loads. To determine the number of resistive dump loads (number of active resistors) for a small wind turbine system we have to consider some values for our system components: The battery bank has the following system v ...

  3. question101 Renewable - Utility Scale Land Based 80 Meter Wind Map (USA only )
    The U.S. Departrrent of Energy provides an 80-meter (m height, high-resolution wind resource map fo the United States with links to state wind maps.

  4. question101 renewable - Calculator Wind Speed Scale
    Unit Abbreviations m = metre = 3.28 ft. s = second h = hour N = Newton W = Watt HP = horsepower J = Joule cal = calorie toe = tonnes of oil equivalent Hz= Hertz (cycles per second) 10 -12 = p pico = 1/1000,000,000,000 10 -9 = n nano = 1/1000,000,000 10 -6 = µ micro = 1/1000,000 ...

  5. question101 renewable - solar water pump systems
    There are only two basic types of solar pumps; positive displacement and centrifugal and these can both be subdivided into surface mount and submersible categories. Your water source will dictate whether you need to use a surface mount or submersible pump while your daily volume requirement and ...

  6. question101 renewable - lift and head flow for solar pumps
    Pump manufacturers are documenting the performance of their pumps in several ways: LIFT & HEAD are used to rate the ability to move water vertically while FLOW reflects the quantity of liquid that can be moved in a given amount of time. Liquid Pumps Terminology:~ Discharge Head:~ This is th ...

  7. question101 Renewable - Water Pipes Sizing Chart
    Friction Loss in Plastic Pipe with Standard Inside Diameter (SIDR) THIS CHART APPLIES ONLY TO: PVC pipe, Schedule 40 (160 PSI) and to PE (polyethylene) pipe with SIDR designation (most common 100 PSI black pipe). HEAD LOSS in VERTICAL FEET per HUNDRED FEET of pipe or VERTICAL METERS per HUNDRED ...

  8. question101 renewable - electrical b.o.s. nec code compliant
    Electrical B.O.S. is the backbone of any power generation unit. In today landscape, a PV Power Plant or Wind Power Generation is part of the broader distributed power generation. The distributed power generation requires smart Electrical B.O.S. components thus they can be monitored and remotely ...

  9. question101 renewable - fuses selection in photovoltaic systems
    Source of Information:~ This white paper is referencing the dimensioning of the PV overcurrent protection through PV fuses and it is mainly a technical interpretation of the SIBA 's "Just four steps to getting the PV Fuse that suits your needs" by Heinz-Ulrich Haas, R & D SIBA GmbH & ...

  10. question101 renewable - dc disconnect short and fault current evaluation
    The National Electric Code, section 690.15, requires PV arrays to have a disconnecting means to isolate the inverter from the PV power source. DC Disconnects have to be able to quickly and safely extinguish the DC arc caused by disconnecting an array under load. DC arc is more thermal damaging ...

  11. question101 renewable - pv plant cable seizing dc side
    It is important to use the correct DC wire to achieve maximum efficiency from the system and reduce hazards associated with overheating. Always keep your wire runs as short as practical to help prevent low voltage shutdowns and keep the DC breaker from nuisance tripping (or open fuses) because ...

  12. question101 renewable - Ground Testing Procedure (by Megger)
    An Introduction to Ground Testing by Megger®:- Before performing a ground test, it is advisable to develop a working familiarity with two important concepts: how the tester accomplishes the measurement and what the operator must do to assure a proper test. Choose the Proper Instruments:- Th ...

  13. questionBattery Inverter Cable Size - Tables of AWG Wire Sizes
    Battery Inverter cable size recommendations:- Inverter Voltage Continuous Watts Max. Inverter Input Amps (DC) Fuse Size (DC Amps) Circuit Breaker (DC Amps) Wire Size (AWG) 12 Volt 600 80 80 80 2 800 107 110 110 2 1000 134 200 175 2/0 1500 200 300 250 4/0 ...

  14. question101 Renewable - Using hand tools in solar industry
    There are a couple of basic rules when it comes to choose and use professional tools in the solar industry. We like to give you the Q&A for what we consider most important from the tools prospect in a renewable energy project. Why Quality Tools? A normal residential project does not exceed ...

  15. questionGrundfos Submersible Pumps Selection
    Use the table below to choose a pump. The left column shows total head in feet and meters. The top row shows array wattage/number and suggested type of modules. Boxes show seasonal pump performance and maximum flow. Select the row with the head (total lift) that most closely matches your applic ...

  16. questionUSA Solar Irradiation Map
    This map shows the amount of solar energy in hours, received each day on an optimally tilted surface during the worst month of the year for the United States of America. Source: NREL.

  17. questionResidential Load Calculations
    Electric Power Calculations (Basics):- Electric power definition: P is the electric power in watt (W). Electric power calculation: Electric power is the rate of energy consumption in an electrical circuit. The electric power is measured in units of watts. The electric power P is equal to the e ...

  18. questionCalculator - Ohm's Law
    With Ohm's Law we can make calculations to quantify the power, voltage, current, and resistance in renewable energy systems.

  19. questionSolar Insolation Levels In North America (kWh/m2/day) - Cities
    SOLAR INSULATION (Incoming Solar Radiation) is the amount of solar radiation incident on any surface for our purposes, we will be comparing insulation levels on the surface of the Earth. The amount of insulation received at the surface of the Earth is controlled by the angle of the sun, the s ...

  20. questionVoltage Drop Calculator
    Select wire type: Copper Aluminum Carbon steel Electrical steel Gold Nichrome Nickel Silver Enter wire diameter size: awg inch mm Enter wire length: feet meters Select current type: DC AC - single phase AC - three phase Enter voltage in volts: V Enter current ...

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