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  1. question101 renewable - small wind turbines
    Wind turbines or wind generators transform wind's kinetic energy into electrical energy. Turbines can be divided into “lift” or “drag” machines according to which force component it is in use as “motive force”. In the “lift” turbines, the ...

  2. question101 renewable - small wind inverters
    When the wind gusts the wind generator blades are rotating. At this moment the wind turbine generator is characterized by an RPM and a torque value at its own ax. This is the component of the Mechanical Power (kinetic power) harvested by the wind generator. How Mechanical Power it is translated ...

  3. question101 renewable - small turbine dumping load calculation
    [Project calculation notes:] Step 1: Determine the number of resistive dump loads. To determine the number of resistive dump loads (number of active resistors) for a small wind turbine system we have to consider some values for our system components: The battery bank has the following system v ...

  4. question101 renewable - small wind turbine and article 694 nec 2011
    The Article 694 in the NEC 2011 deals with NEC regulation for small wind turbines and it is modeled after the PV code’s Article 690. 694.1 Scope: The provisions of this article apply to small wind (turbine) electric systems that consist of one or more wind electric generators with individ ...

  5. question101 Renewable - Utility Scale Land Based 80 Meter Wind Map (USA only )
    The U.S. Departrrent of Energy provides an 80-meter (m height, high-resolution wind resource map fo the United States with links to state wind maps.

  6. question101 renewable - Calculator Wind Speed Scale
    Unit Abbreviations m = metre = 3.28 ft. s = second h = hour N = Newton W = Watt HP = horsepower J = Joule cal = calorie toe = tonnes of oil equivalent Hz= Hertz (cycles per second) 10 -12 = p pico = 1/1000,000,000,000 10 -9 = n nano = 1/1000,000,000 10 -6 = µ micro = 1/1000,000 ...

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