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Solar-One HuP Technology

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Last Updated
9th of October, 2018

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Some of the main highlights:-

80%-deep cycles over 10-year warranted service life means more cycles and usable battery capacity in Renewable Energy service.


10 year warranty: It is the original and still the Best Warranty in the Renewable Energy industry and it just got even better, 7 years free replacement, 3 years prorated.

Slightly enlarged epoxy coated steel case enables each battery cell to be removed for Easy On-Site assembly.

A Lifetime jar-to-cover heat seal Guarantee is possible due to the “welding” of the cell jar to the cell top.

Lead plated copper intercell connectors with stainless steel connecting hardware are included with every Solar-One® to ensure Maximum Energy Transfer, reduce corrosion and maintenance.

Free shipping in continental United States adds even More Value to the Solar-One.

ISO-9000 Certified manufacturing plants and process assures you of batteries made to the high.

International Quality Standards.


Solar-One uses a special patented recipe to achieve Even More Extra Life at deeper cycles than the competition.ne is the only battery in RE that has over 9 sq. in. of terminal area that allows for Multiple Connections to the battery without the need for expensive terminal blocks.

Solar-One batteries have been in RE service for over 12 years yielding an extremely good track record with less than a1% Cell Failure rate.

The Design Advantages Are Built-Into every Solar-One with HuP Technology!

Take a look inside:-

A computerized casting results in less flash and better crystallization during the grid molding process. The advantage is stronger, thicker positive grids that are less susceptible to corrosion. The HuP positive grid is the heaviest in the industry.

The HuP grid design allows for the maximum amount of active material in each plate. This allows for greater utilization of the active material for a stronger, more consistent performance and increased capacity.

HuP's exclusive 5-layer wrap is a process of horizontal and vertical plate wrapping which provides additional protection against shedding of the positive active material.

The negative plate is designed with a staggered grid pattern. A perfect match for the heaviest positive plate, the staggered grid provides for the greatest amount of active material.

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