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PentaMetric Monitoring System

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Last Updated
11th of October, 2018

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The main electric diagram of PentaMetric Battery Monitoring System:-


The PentaMetric system is complex. Because it can perform so many different functions these instructions must be extensive. Most applications will not require all of capabilities presented inside the instruction docs. Considerable thought was given to make instructions that allow you to extract the information for the items you need, without having to read what you do not need. These instructions assume some knowledge of battery systems and electricity!

To fully understand this system you should be familiar with following:-

>_A general idea of how loads and charging systems are connected to a battery system circuit to enable the battery to be charged and discharged.
>_The meaning of amperes, volts, ampere-hour, Watts, Watt-hour.
>_Understanding the principle of how to measure volts, amps and watts in a simple circuit (for example, with a digital hand meter).

Download the instructions from the Attachements!

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