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101 renewable - solar tubular skylight systems

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4th of October, 2018

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Solar tubular skylight systems explained:~

tubular skylights warehouse

Tubular Skylights, unlike traditional skylights, operates with virtually no heat gain. The sunlight travels through the lighting pipe and it passes through clear polycarbonate lenses with the purpose to improve the U-factor - reflective factor - and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. Both of them are determining the quality of light captured and transferred to poorly illuminated spaces. That, in turn, offers significant energy reduction. From this prospect we have two factors: first is related to heat dissipating which using traditional lighting means can rise spot temperatures with more as 30%, second is the general electrical energy consumption which together with heating counts for up to 50% from a household total energy. Another massive gain of such an installation is that the UV factor is totally filtered out offering users an working environment with no harmful impact. It is even better in industrial areas where we can multiply this type of installations and obtain a great deal in the reduction of electrical energy consumption and improve the general lighting quality. The industry offers residential and respective commercial type of tubular solar skylights.

Tubular Skylights operate using solar energy only. Constructive it has few elements. The high-impact acrylic dome captures sunlight on the roof during the daylight hours. The flashing housing protects the entire system from external elements. Depending on the manufacturer is coming with different flashing styles to accommodate all roof pitches including flat roofs. Flashings are available as unpainted aluminum or powder-coated.

miro-silver tube

The sunlight captured by the dome travels through an extremely reflective, mirror-like tube. It bounces several times through the pipe before it enters your home or commercial space. The tubular lighting pipes are specially treated being coated with polymer type of lenses. Tubular lighting pipes pipe are able to harness the sunlight even when the sun's position is low in the early morning and late afternoon. We consider a low sun position for an incident angle between 12 and 14 degrees. Even on cloudy days, the tubular skylight still works and the intensity of the light will be slightly diminished. Additionally, tubular skylights have to filter out the harmful UV rays that endanger the health and deteriorate clothing, furniture and carpeting and other goods.

The skylight system can contain one or more light pipe elbows. A very important question rises in the number of elbow pipes we can use. Actually, their number is not specified but in whole light pipes and elbow pipes have a total admissible length specified by the manufacturer and the length is dictated by section[see table below].

10" model maximum light pipe length = 18 feet;
13" model maximum light pipe length = 20 feet;
18" model maximum light pipe length = 20 feet;
21" model maximum light pipe length = 20 feet;

The skylight termination comes with ceiling light fixture designed to evenly spread the captured sunlight into your home. It has an arched prismatic surface that bounces the light in all directions eliminating the “hot spot” effect of traditional skylights. Varying on the model's size can illuminate the equivalent of up to 300 - 1,450 watts of light. The skylight systems have improving elements to help make them better and more efficient.

light kit

One of the major accessories is a light kit mounted inside the light tube [see image above] and designed to operate after the sunset or during the night time. In this way, we have a hybrid system able to cope with all situations.

vent kit attic installed

Using this type of lighting in the bathroom is unquestionably one of the most efficient ways for added light. Yet large amounts of warm moisture laden air can be an issue. Comes to the rescue with an integrated skylight exhaust system available currently for only the 10" model. Our Vent Kit is capable of exhausting 125 cm, enough to vent a bathroom and shower stall. Natural Light's ingenious design disguises the intake vent in a sleek trim ring that incorporates the skylight diffuser. Flexible exhaust tubing allows for many venting options including a dual exhaust in your shower stall. The vent kit can also accommodate the light kit for evening lighting.

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