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News posted on: 9th Mar 2015 @ 2:28 AM

SMA has introduce the Secure Power Supply (SPS) function for grid tie inverters.

SMA, the world largest inverter maker, is the only maker to offer inverters with the Secure Power Supply (SPS) function in US, which is equivalent to the independent-operation function. Similar to what happened in Japan after the Kobe earthquake, a disaster triggered the design and sale of this function. SMA started marketing these inverters under the brand name “TL series” in the U.S. after Hurricane Sandy, which swept through the Caribbean and up the East Coast of the US in late October 2012.  What happens during a blackout?” A lot of clients are using the SMA TL inverters with the SPS function. Those who are not, it's because SMA doesn't make inverters with that function for more larger systems. SMA recently came out with the 7000TL and 7700TL inverters so more customers will be able to have the SPS function now.-

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