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News posted on: 7th Aug 2016 @ 8:16 PM

SUNNY BOY STORAGE 2.5 for Storage Systems
SMA Tesla

The Sunny Boy Storage 2.5 inverter development was requested by Tesla Powerwall Storage System. The design has answer to market conditions where the Li-In batteries have tremendously come down in price and it is predicted they will come as low as $100/kWh by 2020. This high voltage storage power electronic unit is a customized string inverter, it is AC coupled to allow the battery to be connected to a standard solar string inverter and also to a home or businesses mains grid connection. With the Sunny Boy Storage 2.5, customers benefit from reduced components and low installation costs for flexible applications. Thanks to AC coupling, the battery inverter can be installed or expanded in any location, at any time, regardless of whether or not there is already a PV system installed. It uses just a few components, because the most important functions for intelligent battery management are already integrated.


  1.   For new and existing systems: reduced installation costs, can be retrofitted and expanded at any time, as needed.

  2.   For almost all PV system types: string inverters, module inverters and power optimizer

  3.   Can be combined with numerous types of energy: PV, wind energy, combined heat and power plants

  4.   Choice of lithium-ion battery (currently Tesla Powerwall, additional batteries to follow shortly)


  1.   Most cost-effective AC-connected battery inverter on the market

  2.   97% efficiency allows for optimal use of cached energy

  3.   Maximum PV yields while meeting all applicable regulations for feed-in limits (e.g., EEG, KfW 275, Zero Export)

Easy to use:-

  1.   Quick and straightforward one-person installation, thanks in part to it weighing only 9 kg

  2.   Simple installation using a smartphone or tablet via WLAN and an intuitive web interface

  3.   Everything at your fingertips thanks to its direct connection to Sunny Portal / Sunny Places

Special Note:-

  1. Sunny Boy Storage 2.5 it is a very good qualifier for re-powering and optimization. The re-powering and optimization come as a necessity when the quality of the installation deteriorates prematurely or the yields of the PV plant are underperforming. Repowering and optimization target both the PV arrays or strings and the electrical base of system components.

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