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Outback Proharvest PRO480-8k 3-phase solar inverters


News posted on: 6th Feb 2017 @ 3:36 PM

Outback Proharvest PRO480-8k 3-phase solar inverter in a completely sealed enclosure.
Pro Harvest

Outback has addressed some of the issues commercial installations are going through: harshest environment conditions, necessity of easy installation and space depending layouts, individual monitoring and the capacity to offer redundant solutions. Designed for maximum reliability, the ProHarvest family of rugged 3-phase solar inverters features a completely sealed enclosure, automotive grade materials in even the harshest of installation environments to ensure maximum performance.

Once dominated by large, powerful and relatively economical (but inflexible and bulky) central inverters, the trend today is to replace them with many string inverters that are easier to install and provide redundancy; if an inverter fails the entire system is not out of commission.

HiQ and Outback have put together ProHarvest line of products. The HiQ approach combines the best of all worlds: improved economics of a large string inverter, with the array-mounting and form-factor of a micro inverter. With this technology, installers have a plug-and-play system architecture to work with. Key components literally snap together, saving considerable installation time and effort. Equally important, this system topology meets all code-required standards for rapid shut-down and disconnect in commercial systems—very important for system owners and their stakeholders.

Components of the ProHarvest family:-

  1.   ProHarvest 480V String Inverter.

  2.   ProHarvest 208V String Inverter.

ProHarvest Accessories:-

  1.   ProHarvest AC Splice.

  2.   ProHarvest Communications Gateway.

  3.   Hardware Accessories.

Main Features:-

  1.   Rugged 3-phase 480V plug & play system.

  2.   Small and light (hand holdable, 24lb.).

  3.   Non-isolated inverter for use with ungrounded DC systems.

  4.   98.6% peak efficiency.

  5.   200-850V MPP voltage range for 600V and 1,000V systems.

  6.   8kW, full power MPP voltage 425-850V.

  7.   Two DC string inputs with independent monitoring and MPPT management.

  8.   Waterproof NEMA6, silent convection cooling

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