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grundfos 25 sqf 3 submersible pump

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Product Overview

Grundfos 25 SQF-3 Submersible Pump

The SQFlex system is a reliable water supply system based on renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind energy. The SQFlex system incorporates an SQF submersible pump. Very flexible as to its energy supply and performance, the SQFlex system can be combined and adapted to any need according to the conditions on the installation site.

  Type: Centrifugal.
  Head: 50 ft.
  Max Flow: 40 gal/min.


  30-300 VDC and 90-240 VAC, can be used to run the pump (either DC or AC voltage supply),
  50hz or 60hz (both),
  SQFlex 3SQF through 11SQF pumps will fit into a 3" well,
  Can deliver from 82 gpm at 6 feet of head to 4 gpm at 800 feet with a 1.6 kilowatt solar array or less,
  Helical rotor pumps (models 3, 6 and 11) for high head applications,
  Centrifugal pumps (models 16, 25, 40, and 60) for low head applications assure a pump that is efficient for any use.

The SQF pump range comprises two pump technologies:-

  The helical rotor pump (3") for high heads and small flows,
  The centrifugal pump (4") for low heads and large flows.

The SQF pump complete comprises:-

  6 ft (1.8 m) cable with water level electrode and socket,
  Cable guard,

The positive displacement helical pump ends are:-

  3” in diameter and available in five models ranging,
  3 to 11 gpm (0.68 to 2.50 m3/h),

As an option we offer the product together with float switch or pressure switch reverse action. A few words about both components:

The water level float switch interfaces with the CU200 control smart box to turn off the pump when a tank is full. Since the CU200 control circuit uses only 15 milliamps, the water level switch can be located in a tank that is as far away as 1,640 feet from the pump, using a minimum 18ga two conductor wire. In order to use the level switch you have to buy CU200 smart box and the level switch as a combo. Two year warranty. The level switch or CU200 smart box can be separately purchase as an alternative.

A pressure switch reverse action will control the pump’s on/off operation via the pressure in the storage tank. The pressure switch is in  normally-open configuration, where the contacts within the switch are in the open position when the pressure is below the maximum set-point. When the pressure in the system rises to the maximum desired pressure, the contacts will close, signaling the pump to shut off. The pressure switch will open and close in a reverse order of the contacts normal open normal close position. The pressure switch is mounted after the pressure tank and before the water outlet. The pressure switch works together with CU200 smart box. They must be bought together. A full system will have both of the pressure switch and float switch connected to a CU200 smart box.

Before you buy be aware of the return policy conditions and read the manufacturer warranty.

General Specifications:-

Supply to pump

1 x 90 - 240 V –10%/+6%, 50/60 Hz. 30 - 300 VDC.

Run-up time

Depending on power source.


No limitation to the number of starts/stops per hour.

Enclosure class

IP 68

Motor protection

Built into the pump. Protection against: - Dry running by means of an external water level electrode. - Overvoltage and under voltage. - Overload. - Over temperature.

Sound pressure level

The sound pressure level is lower than the limiting values stated in the EEC Machinery Directive.

Radio noise

SQF comply with EMC Directive 89/336/EEC. Approved according to EN 50081-1 and 50082-2.

Reset function

SQF can be reset via CU 200 or by disconnecting the power from the power supply in 1 minute.

Power factor

PF = 1.

Operation via generator

Voltage: 230 VAC, –10%/+6.;

It is recommended that the generator output must be equal to the motor input power P1 [kW] plus 50%. Minimum: P1 [kW] plus 50%.

If the pump is connected to an electrical installation where an earth-leakage circuit breaker

Earth leakage circuit breaker

(ELCB) is used as an additional protection, this circuit breaker must trip out when earth fault  currents with DC content (pulsating DC) occur.

Borehole diameter

SQF 0.6, SQ 1.2, SQF 2.5: Minimum: 76 mm. SQF 5A, SQF 8A, SQF 14A: Minimum: 104 mm.

Installation depth

Min.: The pump must be totally submerged in the pumped liquid. Max.: 150 m below the static water table (15 bar).


Holes of the strainer:

SQF 0.6, SQF 1.2, SQF 2.5: ø2.3 mm. SQF 5A: ø2.5 mm.  SQF 8A, SQF 14A: 4 mm x 20 mm.

Pumped liquids

pH 5 to 9. Sand content up to 50 g/m³.





Pump type  

 Dimensions [inches]  



 Net weight


 Shipping weight


 Shipping Volume

[ft3 ]








 3 SQF-2 



 1’ NPT 




 6 SQF-2 



 1’ NPT 




 11 SQF-2 



 1¼ NPT 




 25 SQF-3 



 1½ NPT 




 25 SQF-6 



 1½ NPT 




 40 SQF-3 



 2 NPT 




 75 SQF-3 



 2 NPT 




Wiring diagram for pump:-

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Nameplate Grundfos Pump Identification:-

Grundfos Nameplate






PROD. NO. 96078012

Product number



Pump generation


P1 0110

Production code - Bjerringbro (P1) + production year and week


xx SQF - x

Type designation, see section Type key on page 6


• Weight: x,x kg • MADE IN DENMARK •CE

• Pump net weight • Country of origin • Mark of approval.


Rp 1 1/4

Type and size of connecting thread



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Product Related Documents

By engaging the links above you will download a copy of the documents on your machine. The documents must be used for their informational purpose only. We regularly update the product documentation based on the last release from the manufacturer.

Product Warranty Information

QFlex pumps have a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase. A 5 year extended warranty is available separately and highly recommended.

- 30 days CEB Return Policy.

30 Days Return CEB Return Policy - Important: Condition apply: like original packing, original sealed, never connected to load or mounted on a support or installed in an enclosure.

Product Returns Policy (extras)

From CEB Return Policy Extras

Most of unused products can be returned back to us for a replacement or refund within 30 days of receipt. All returned items must be in new condition with all original packaging, paperwork and accessories supplied. All returns have to be send back via a traceable method such as Fed Ex, DHL, Purolator and USPS or similar. Return freight and original shipping are non-refundable.

All special orders, electrical appliances, appliances of any nature, items returned without original packaging or packing materials, and items sent directly from the manufacturer may be subject to a restocking fee of 10-25%. Please call us before you perform your return in order for us to issue an RMA prior any shipping is undergoing.

Please include your order number along with RMA issued by one of our staff. Without an order number and an RMA number, it will be very difficult to trace the order for the returned merchandise associated with and all the process will drag for weeks or month to come. In order to complete the return procedures please fill in the forms and follow our instructions.

All returns must be in their ORIGINAL PACKAGING, in a resalable condition. Any packaging materials, CDs, software, accessories, manuals, warranty cards and documentation originally sent must be included in the package. In the event that a package is returned and does not meet the guidelines we’ve listed above, CleanEnergyBrands reserves the right not to honour the return.

Return Merchandise Authorization(RMA):-

In order to process our customers’ returns as quickly and successfully as possible, we require ALL returns to be accompanied by an RMA so please be sure to contacting us before returning any items. To obtain your RMA and any additional return info you may need, please call our friendly, ready-to-help support team toll-free at 1.800.339.9171 or email us at returns@cleanenergybrands.com

Because we want your return experience to be as hassle-free as possible, we strongly recommend that you fully insure your return shipment so that you’re well protected in the event that the package is lost or damaged in transit. UPS & FedEx provide traceable shipments, complete with a proof-of-delivery feature that guarantees that your package is delivered to the intended location. We urge you to use a carrier that has both tracking and proof-of-delivery capabilities and that you retain that tracking number. Please be advised that postage charges are non-refundable, and that Clean Energy Brands is not responsible for any packages lost or damaged during transit. This includes packages sent via USPS to an international or overseas destination.

Defective Product; Incorrect Product:-

Please call for an RMA so we will arrange for a return for the defective/incorrect item and replace that at no cost to you. The item must include its original packaging and as-new in pristin conditions with the packing slip, all warranty cards, and accessories included.

For more information consult "Returns Refunds" policy. Follow this link!

30 Days Return CEB Return Policy - Important: Condition apply: like original packing, original sealed, never connected to load or mounted on a support or installed in an enclosure.

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