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SOLAREDGE SE11400A-US 1PH 11400W 240VAC /AFCI /Safety-Switch /Non-Isolated /Rapid-Shutdown(enabled) /Non-Isolated /Isolation-Interrupter

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Product Overview

SOLAREDGE SE11400A-US 1PH 11400W 240VAC /AFCI /Safety-Switch /Non-Isolated /Rapid-Shutdown(enabled) /Non-Isolated /Isolation-Interrupter

The StorEdge SE7600A-USS hybrid grid tie inverter has the capability to use energy storage to enhance self-consumption of solar energy. This is useful when net-metering, or grid feed is not available,

The system features export control, time-of-use shifting, maximized self-consumption, and peak shaving capabilities. Backup power is also available with the addition of the Auto-transformer. Backup power is only available to the loads connected to the backup critical loads panel. Backup power capacity is 5 kW. Switchover upon a power outage can take up to 2 seconds. The StorEdge inverter is compatible with certified high voltage battery systems.

When used for export control, time-of-use shifting, self-consumption, or peak shaving capabilities, the SE Electricity Meter is needed and comes with CT’s to be installed on the house AC lines. For backup power capability the SEAUTO-TX-5000 auto-transformer must be installed as well as a backup loads panel for the critical loads.

Main Features:-

  Functions over 5,000W backup System, or provides 7,600W grid-tie output,
  Internal Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) for added safety per NEC 2011: 690.11,
  Inherently compliant with NEC 2014 690.12 rapid shutdown requirement,
  Built-in module-level and battery system monitoring,
  GSM Cellular Card with 5-year plan prewired and included,
  RS485 and Ethernet communications interface included,
  Single phase inverter for PV, grid-tied storage and backup power, NEMA 3R outdoor rated,
  Includes the hardware required to provide automatic backup power to backed-up loads in case of grid interruption,
  Includes all interfaces needed for battery connection,
  Smart Energy Management - export control, time-of-use shifting, maximized self-consumption, demand response and peak shaving capabilities,
  Provides Backup Power - automatically provides power to backed-up loads in the event of grid interruption,
  All-in-one solution uses a single DC optimized phase inverter to manage and monitor both PV generation and energy storage ,
  Compatible with Tesla Powerwall Home Battery,

Before you buy be aware of the return policy conditions and read the manufacturer warranty.

General Specifications:-


  Transformer-less, Ungrounded: Yes,
  Max Input Voltage: 500 Vdc ,
  Nom DC Input Voltage: 400 Vdc,
  Reverse-Polarity Protection: Yes,
  Ground-Fault Isolation Detection 600kΩ Sensitivity Maximum,
  Inverter Effciency: 98%,
  CEC Weighted Effciency: 97.5%,


  Maximum DC Power (STC): 10250W,
  Max Input Current: 23 Adc,
  2-pole Disconnection: Yes,


  Continuous Peak Power: 3300 W,
  Number of Batteries per Inverter: Up to 2, for double capacity,
  Max Input Current: 8.5 Adc,
  2-pole Disconnection: Yes,
  DC Fuses on Plus and Minus: 12A(field replaceable),


  Rated AC Power Output: 7600VA,
  Max AC Power Output: 8350VA,
  AC Output Voltage Min-Nom-Max (L-L)(1): 211-240-264 Vac,
  AC Frequency Min-Nom-Max: 59.3 - 60 - 60.5 Hz,
  Maximum Continuous Output Current: @240V 32 A,
  GFDI: 1A,
  Utility Monitoring, Islanding Protection, Country Configurable Thresholds: Yes,
  Charge Battery from AC (if Allowed): Yes,
  THD: <3 %,
  Power factor with rated power: >0.99 (configurable; 0.9 leading to 0.9 lagging),
  Typical Nighttime Power Consumption: <5 W,


  Rated AC Power Output: 5000VA,
  Max AC Power Output - Surge 7600: for 10sec VA,
  AC Output Voltage Min-Nom-Max (L-L): 211-240-264 Vac ,
  AC Output Voltage Min-Nom-Max (L-N): 105-120-132 Vac,
  AC Frequency Min-Nom-Max 55 - 60 - 65 Hz,
  Maximum Continuous Output Current @240V - Backup Mode 21 A,
  Max Continuous Output Current per Phase @120V 25 A,
  GFDI 1A,
  AC Circuit Breaker Yes,
  THD <5% ,
  Power factor with rated power 0.2 leading to 0.2 lagging ,
  Automatic switchover time <2 sec ,
  Typical Nighttime Power Consumption <5 W,


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Product Warranty Information

This SolarEdge Limited Warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials of the products for the applicable warranty period set out below:

Inverters: 12 years commencing on the earlier of: (i) 3 months from the date the Inverters are delivered by
SolarEdge; and (ii) the installation of the Inverters.

Warranty Exclusions: This Limited Warranty will not apply if (a) buyer is in default under the General Terms and
Conditions of other Agreement governing the purchase of the Product, or (b) the Product or any part thereof is:
· damaged as a result of misuse, abuse, accident, negligence or failure to maintain the Product;
· damaged as a result of modifications, alterations or attachments thereto which were not pre-authorized in writing
by SolarEdge;
· damaged due to the failure to observe the applicable safety regulations governing the proper use of the Product;Page 2 of 2
· installed or operated not in strict conformance with the Documentation, including without limitation, not ensuring
sufficient ventilation for the Product as described in SolarEdge installation guide;
· opened, modified or disassembled in any way without SolarEdge’s prior written consent;
· used in combination with equipment, items or materials not permitted by the Documentation or in violation of local
codes and standards;
· damaged or rendered non-functional as a result of power surges, lightning, fire, flood, pest damage, accident,
action of third parties, or other events beyond SolarEdge’s reasonable control or not arising from normal operating
conditions; or
· damaged during or in connection with shipping or transport to or from buyer where buyer arranges such shipping
or transport.
This Limited Warranty does not cover cosmetic or superficial defects, dents, marks or scratches which do not influence the
proper functioning of the Product

SolarEdge service centers phone numbers
§ USA: +1.650.320.7695
§ Germany: +49.351.8192-836

30 Days Return CEB Return Policy - Important: Condition apply: like original packing, original sealed, never connected to grid or PV array or never mounted !

30 Days Return CEB Return Policy - Important: Condition apply: like original packing, original sealed, never connected to load or mounted on a support or installed in an enclosure.

Product Returns Policy (extras)

From CEB Return Policy Extras

Most of unused products can be returned back to us for a replacement or refund within 30 days of receipt. All returned items must be in new condition with all original packaging, paperwork and accessories supplied. All returns have to be send back via a traceable method such as Fed Ex, DHL, Purolator and USPS or similar. Return freight and original shipping are non-refundable.

All special orders, electrical appliances, appliances of any nature, items returned without original packaging or packing materials, and items sent directly from the manufacturer may be subject to a restocking fee of 10-25%. Please call us before you perform your return in order for us to issue an RMA prior any shipping is undergoing.

Please include your order number along with RMA issued by one of our staff. Without an order number and an RMA number, it will be very difficult to trace the order for the returned merchandise associated with and all the process will drag for weeks or month to come. In order to complete the return procedures please fill in the forms and follow our instructions.

All returns must be in their ORIGINAL PACKAGING, in a resalable condition. Any packaging materials, CDs, software, accessories, manuals, warranty cards and documentation originally sent must be included in the package. In the event that a package is returned and does not meet the guidelines we’ve listed above, CleanEnergyBrands reserves the right not to honour the return.

Return Merchandise Authorization(RMA):-

In order to process our customers’ returns as quickly and successfully as possible, we require ALL returns to be accompanied by an RMA so please be sure to contacting us before returning any items. To obtain your RMA and any additional return info you may need, please call our friendly, ready-to-help support team toll-free at 1.800.339.9171 or email us at returns@cleanenergybrands.com

Because we want your return experience to be as hassle-free as possible, we strongly recommend that you fully insure your return shipment so that you’re well protected in the event that the package is lost or damaged in transit. UPS & FedEx provide traceable shipments, complete with a proof-of-delivery feature that guarantees that your package is delivered to the intended location. We urge you to use a carrier that has both tracking and proof-of-delivery capabilities and that you retain that tracking number. Please be advised that postage charges are non-refundable, and that Clean Energy Brands is not responsible for any packages lost or damaged during transit. This includes packages sent via USPS to an international or overseas destination.

Defective Product; Incorrect Product:-

Please call for an RMA so we will arrange for a return for the defective/incorrect item and replace that at no cost to you. The item must include its original packaging and as-new in pristin conditions with the packing slip, all warranty cards, and accessories included.

For more information consult "Returns Refunds" policy. Follow this link!

30 Days Return CEB Return Policy - Important: Condition apply: like original packing, original sealed, never connected to load or mounted on a support or installed in an enclosure.

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